Want to earn money just using your smartphone or computer? There’s a lot of websites to earn money online in 2020 by taking surveys or doing some task. If you like sur ng the web, you can check these websites and earn some cash. Of course, these apps and websites require a lot of effort and dedication before you see the result. But if you put your mind into it, you can absolutely do it!

Here are a list of paying sites and that can help you make money online:


Swagbucks offers many ways to get paid online. All you have to do is to sign up and earn points by watching entertaining videos, online shopping, and answering surveys. You can redeem those points for a free Amazon or

Walmart gift cards, another way is to get cash back from PayPal.

Another site where you can answer surveys is InboxDollars. It works just like Swagbucks. You can use both of these websites to earn money online and maximize your earnings.

Good Info Net

If you like writing, this website pays you for uploading positive posts. Once you reach 200 views you’ll receive the payment via PayPal. You can also promote your business here other than writing.


TextBroker is one of websites to earn money online in 2020 by just writing content. Earnings are per word depends on the quality of your writing. TextBroker regularly reviews and rate articles so there’s a higher chance that your pay will increase.

You can also check iWriter, WriterBay for other writing jobs.

Remote Task

First create an account, then you’ll have to start taking courses in the Remotetasks Training Center. The more courses you take, the more tasks you will receive. They offer a wide variety of tasks such as transcribing text and audio, labeling images, and labeling LiDAR data. You can use your smartphone to view the dashboard, but when dealing with complex tasks its much convenient to use a laptop or computer.


If you love shopping, you might want to try BestMark. You get paid for shopping at different places and reviewing the experience. Just submit your application on their website to be a mystery shopper and earn cash! Fiverr

Is one of the websites to earn money online in 2020 by gaining clients through your skills. You have to make your pro le interesting and post your best works to have a lot of clients. It’s also important to build trust with them and be a long-time partner.

You can also sign up with similar sites like UpWork and PeoplePerHour.

Transcribe Me

Before they hire you, you have to pass an examination for transcriptionist. After that, you can now transcribe audios and videos into high quality text and get paid!


If you love photography, you can sell stock photos online and that is another way to earn money from websites . Even you don’t have a camera, you can use your smartphone to take high quality images. It may be nature, animals, or anything. Every time a contributor downloaded your photo you’ll get paid.

You can also upload your stock photos on AdobeStock, iStockPhoto, Fotolia, and Pond5.


If you have the passion for teaching, sign up at Udemy and earn money at home. Upload your teaching content and for every student that purchased it you’ll get your payment.

Fusion Cash

Get paid by watching videos! These videos last for 30 seconds to 5 minutes if you’re bored you can watch videos and earn money instead of sur ng the web. There’s also surveys like in Swagbucks that you can take to earn more.

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