Viral Launch: How Much Does It Cost? (Video)

Viral Launch: How Much Does It Cost? (Video)

Viral launch. Did you know that there is a way where you can get ahead of your competitors? Making your Amazon business successful? I know, there’s a million of products, merchants and shoppers in Amazon and they grow every month.

The competition is really high but imagine if you could produce a thousand of sales every month? How beautiful is that?

A Quick View About Viral Launch

It is a tool that helps you nd the best and pro table products that you can sell on Amazon. It is a great strategy to discover the latest trends, less competition, and will bring more earnings.

You can also view the historical trends, monthly sales and revenue, number of sales for the past 12 months and many more.

Not only that, it also helps you hike up your sales to nd the right keywords and create excellent listings to easily get seen in the Amazon search results.


Market Intelligence – a tool to help you check your market’s pro tability by looking at your past sales history. It could also help you get the best opportunities rating from between one to ve stars.

Of course, it’s best to get the ratings with ve stars for better sales. In addition to that, it comes with a built-in calculator to compute your estimated investment costs and pro ts.

market intelligence

Product Discovery Tool – a great tool to lter out products that is best pro table for your business, the latest products that most consumers buy, products that will give you best pro ts. You can search all your business ideas and see if its pro table or not.

This would help to get you to have a deeper research on Amazon’s data and decide which products are best sellers.

product discovery

Competitor Intelligence – an advanced Amazon tool to determine your competitor’s data, like what keywords they are using, paid campaigns, cost changes, reviews, sales and many more. If you don’t want to miss what’s new about your competitor, you can set up your noti cations.

Additional to that, you can view the keywords your competitors are using.

Mostly those keywords have 1,000 searches per month and which keywords are in the top listings. Just enter ASIN to get a list of those keywords, rankings and many more. analysis tracking software

Kinetic PPC – this is their newest software which helps you in a lot of ways.

I know, you have heard of paid ads and you might already try on doing that but here on Kinetic PPC it helps you nd the right listings and keywords in setting up your paid ads. You also have more access on data like, campaign analysis, paid vs organic ads, spending details, ranks and many more.


These software and tools are really useful in putting up or establishing your business to be more known and grow more sales. They have a bunch of tools that you can check out on their page and below is a quick walkthrough of Viral Launch.

Navigating the Viral Launchpad | Full Walkthrough and Tutorial on Accessing Viral Launch Tools


How Much Does It Cost?

Before you subscribe to any of these plans, there is a free trial to see if which Viral Launch plan ts you before you pay for the regular price.

There are 5 available Viral Launch plans that provide different needs for every type of business.

Take note that these prices may change and as of now these are the current prices in there pricing plan page. Also, they offer 2 months free when you pay yearly. viral launch

MI Extension ($25/month)

This is perfect for researchers. If you want to make sure that your products will be successful, they have Market Intelligence where you can see the most accurate sales estimates, historical sales and more. You can also review trends data to see the market and check if your product ideas will bring you pro t.

Beginner ($59/month)

New in business industry? Thinking of setting up your rst Amazon business? This plan is for you! The Beginner plan includes the Product Discovery Tool to nd out which products are best in the market, Market Intelligence, and Competitor Intelligence.

Pro ($99/month)

For growing brands who wants to increase their sales this plan is best for you! This includes Product Discovery Tool, Market Intelligence, Review Automation, Keyword Research, Competitor Intelligence, Listing Builder, Listing Analyzer and Keyword Manager.

Brand Builder ($149/month)

Level up your business with this plan and unlock the best data and tools to boost your sales and become recognized by shoppers.

Kinetic ($199/month)

Best for established brands who wants guaranteed increase in revenue without putting much effort. Paid ads will surely increase your sales and more people will nd out about your business. But if you’re doubting if these paid ads will be the best for your business, Kinetic plan will help you because you can choose the right keywords and best listings for favorable outcomes.

You can view a detailed statistic about your campaign, how it goes with other ads, campaigns, and keywords. You can also see how much money it generates from paid and organic ads. From there, you can determine on which kind of ads you can rely and still make a big number of sales.

For new clients, they have a one-time phone call with an Amazon PPC Kinetic specialist to assist you with your goals and plan a strategy to accomplish your goals depending on the product you are marketing and your budget.

Note: The price is for one storefront and for each additional storefront is $99/month.


The Viral Launch plans are great for newbies and longtime businesses. The features and advanced tools that you can use are bene cial for your Amazon business. It will certainly increase your sales, get known by a lot of shoppers and compete with bigger brands. Begin your business with Viral Launch on Amazon today!