Korean wave has made such a huge impact. Korean pop, hallyu, streetwear, history and food. Since then many people have been interested to know more about their culture. Today, we’ll talk about Korean dramas that will make your heart ache and laugh.This list of binge worthy korean dramas ,is in no particular order and available on Net ix.

Crash Landing On You

This series tackles about North and South Korea border and gives us an idea how the two are different from each other. Yoon Seri played by Son Yejin, a successful entrepreneur, accidentally crash land on North Korea’s Demilitarized Zone. Captain Ri played by Hyun Bin, was the rst one who saw her and  decided to take her back to South Korea quietly. If you’re thinking this is one of those with cliche storyline, no it’s not. It’s more than that your average rom-com series. The more you watch it the more you get hooked by it.

Live Up to Your Name

This is a history, medical and fantasy type of drama with a mix of comedy. Back in Joseon, when Heo Im (Kim Nam-Gil) a famous oriental doctor, was unable to perform accupunture for the King travels through the present and met Choi Hyeon-Kyung (Kim A-Joong) who solely believe in modern medicine. These two doctors have different medical beliefs, but yet falls in love with each other. This drama will make you laugh so much it will not bore you. What I really love in this drama is that it’s not too complex and just have the exact amount of everything.

Hi, Bye, Mama!

Another binge worthy korean & fantasy drama to watch. In this you’ll see different types of a parent’s love. Cha Yu-Ri (Kim Tae-Hee) whose spirit wandered near her child and husband. Giving 49 days to stay in the living world she tried to avoid her family and friends, especially, his husband who already has a new family and her mother. But destiny has its ways her daughter sees ghosts and its because her soul wanders too much around her. When everyone knew that she return to life they nd ways to let her stay. This  will really make you tear up as it tackles how important life is, the people around you and you might re ect on it too as you’re watching this.

A Korean Odyssey

Last fantasy drama in the list. This is a modern spin-off of the classic novel

Journey to the West. Son Oh-Gong (Lee Seung-Gi) made a contract with Sam Jang (Oh Yeon Seo) and also the reason why he was set free. In exchange for setting him free Son Oh-Gong will be his bodyguard. The series is overall good will make you keep watching it. You don’t even want to close your eyes as every episode gets exciting and the love-hate relationship and bromance is just too satisfying to watch.

Prison Playbook

Kim Je-Hyuk (Park Hae-Soo) a famous baseball player ends up in prison with charges of assault for protecting his sister to a sexual predator.

Meeting his childhood friend Lee Joon-Ho (Jung Kyung-Ho) and the warden giving him better treatment his life in prison makes it a little easier. The whole 16 episodes revolve on his life and the other inmates inside there. This drama touches your heart, inside a cell with men who done bad deeds have actually a good heart and some have a heartwarming story. I grew fond of the characters in this story. I just hope there is one last episode that all of them to meet up in one place.

Fight For My Way

This one is a light drama that will make you cry because of too much laughter.  Starring Park Sep Joon and Kim Ji-won. The drama is all four friends who end up not reaching their dream job, but still satis ed with how their life turned out. They really showed how it is in real life the struggles, success and everything. I personally love this drama a lot and makes me want to rewatch it. They made it look no hardships is easy, but when you have supporting friends everything is possible.


One of the best zombie series I’ve ever watched. It started when the King fell sick while the Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ji Hoon-Ju) searches for the physician who treated his father not knowing that there is a bigger crisis they will face. Everything is just perfect in this drama. The suspense, acting, and effects. They made me feel like I’m watching a blockbuster movie. Season 2 will leave you hanging and there is no exact date of season 3 to be released yet so watch out.


This action-romance drama will also leave you hanging as season 2 is not con rmed yet. The story revolves around Cha Dal-gun (Lee Seung-gi) nding the truth about his the plane crash who led to his nephew’s death. With the help of Go Hae-ri (Bae Suzy) who is a NIS agent they both seek answers. This is full of action and unpredictable scenes with a lot of twists. It is really worth watching.

Sky Castle

This is really worth watching. The amount of comedy, drama, suspense just ts well in this drama. Han Seo-Jin (Yeom Jung-ah), Noh Seung Hye (Yoon Se-ah), and Jin Jin Hee (Oh Na-ra) lives with their families in Sky Castle who wants their children to have the best education. They uncovered the truth behind their children’s tutor Kim Joo Young (Kim Seo Hyung) and her relationship with the other member of Sky Castle who committed suicide. This drama tackles a sensitive topic since this shows a lot the life of students, how pressured they are how families with high statuses survive. You’ll also relate on some characters and see why certain people acts in that way.

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