Can’t get a good sleep ? Well try these tips to sleeping better at night , one at the time or all together combined to start sleeping better!

Limit caffeine

Caffeine can de nitely ruin your sleep even 6 hours after you consumed it so be aware of products that contain it like coffee, energy drinks, Coca-Cola and tea. One of the main tips of sleeping better at night is, quitting caffeine alone can dramatically help you sleep better , sleep more and feel more rested than ever.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is bad too as it could seem at rst to help you go sleep faster initially but then disrupt your sleep due to dehydration, example : making your mouth really dry and have you waking up immediately to drink water.

Don’t over consume food or liquids

Eating heavily before bed is a very bad health practice multiple point of views, before you go to sleep, eat very minimally. That will ensure a great quality sleep without nightmares!Also avoid drinking alot of liquids as you’ll have to get up and use the rest room in the middle of the night.


Be aware of your room temperature , the optimal temperature for a good sleep is 60 to 67 Fahrenheit or 19° Celsius. Bonus tip : a shower with cold water can help you get to sleep fast , way faster than usual.

Using technology

Try to take a 1 to 3 hours break from staring at screens if possible and turn off as many if not all electronic / radio devices to ensure a better natural sleep.

Physical state

It’s really hard to sleep when we don’t get physically tired with one or another way, start running , jogging or add working out in your life or engage in sports like activities.

Mental state

Try to let go of every thought that’s in your mind and stresses you ,call it a day and take care of things effectively tomorrow with a clear mind.

Eliminating noise

Some of us are really sensitive when hearing noises while trying to sleep making the process really frustrating , try to invest in some good quality ear plugs , sound proo ng panels , doors and windows to ensure a great sleep without interruptions!

The bed and mattress

Invest in a great bed and mattress as that can hugely improve your sleep, don’t go with the cheap options!

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How to Sleep Better