An awesome life is not just having luxurious cars, jewelries, clothes, properties and other countable stuff. It is also those little things that make our heart jump in excitement. Those are the inde nite things that add fuel to a happy life. Take a look at some awesome tips to a happy life or check these appsto improve your self care!

Laugh More

There’s a saying that, “Laughter is the best medicine.” It truly is. When we laugh it takes all the stress away and we feel awesome. It makes us forget about our problems. We see a different view of life when we laugh. It keeps the surrounding in life bright, energetic and peaceful. It also makes us look younger. Well, we all want to be young looking, don’t we?

Do The Things That You Love

Do you get the feeling that you don’t t in well in your career? Like you’re doing pretty good, but it doesn’t give you that satisfaction. And deep inside, you know this is not your calling. You fully know that it makes you less happy because that’s not what you chose to be. But, once you pursue your passion you will shine brighter than ever. You don’t have to feel guilty for doing what’s best for you. If that makes you happy then do it.

Don’t Live By The Book

They say, you only live once so why not make the most out it? It wouldn’t hurt breaking a few rules, right? Don’t restrain yourself. You can start on little adventures like camping, skydiving, rock climbing. There’s nothing wrong in trying new things. Once you do, you’re living the best moment of your life!

Eat, Sleep and Exercise

Do you sometimes feel that you lack energy? It’s a little hard to get motivated, right? Our body needs nutrients, enough sleep and exercise both for our bodies and brains. As soon as our body is well restored and taken care of, we feel much lighter, livelier and most of all, we glow. It decreases our uneasiness. We have to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. Keep in mind that we are our best asset.

Have Some ME Time!

Yes, as in taking a deep breathe and just relax. Pamper yourself. You truly deserve it. Doesn’t it feel nice after a long dreadful hour of working? Stop being so anxious about the future. Happiness begins at the moment you stop worrying. It’s totally ne to mess things up as long as you nd your way back up.

Be You

One of the most awesome tips for a happy life is to be YOU!Many of us have that strong urge to be perfect. We want everything to be detailed, complete. We unintentionally push ourselves to be someone that we forget who we really are. We wish that we’re living her life because in our eyes, she’s perfect, everyone loves her, she’s the darling of the crowd. But what we don’t see is she also has insecurities, just like us. Take a look at yourself in a fullbody mirror. Do you realize how lovely you are? Do you see that not having acne marks, ripped body, being skinny de nes perfection? It’s all normal. We don’t have to be perfect. We’re ne just the way we are. And a little reminder, our aws makes us more beautiful.

Move Forward

If there is a time machine, would you like to go back? We all hope that we can go back and do the right thing. Like in fantasy movies or series. But we don’t live in movies, this is reality. We direct our own lives, we write the scripts and we can’t just say ‘cut’ when we are not in favor of what’s happening. Life doesn’t always go as planned. Let’s not be stuck in the past and focus on our present. Remember what Elsa of Frozen said, “The past is in the past. Let it go.”

Sharing is Caring

The small things we share to everyone, gives us so much happiness. It may be food, knowledge, clothes, toys. It doesn’t matter how grand or less it is. What makes it more real is we know the true meaning of sharing. We value it. Good deeds keeps our soul alive and happy. It keeps us warm and loving.

Express Gratitude

Think of the people who stayed with you through ups and downs or the time when you don’t have that much. Have you thanked them yet? Do you realize how lucky you are for having clean water? Let’s start to show appreciation to the people and things around us no matter how big or small it is. Once done, you’ll feel a great effect on daily life and will be much happier.

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