There are days that we feel so worn-out but still go to work. Most of us just take care of ourselves when we’re sick. We’re so busy putting others rst before us that we forget we also need time for ourselves. Not just when its day off or when our bodies gave up.Try these apps to level up your self-care!

There are also days that we feel sad, happy, upset, annoyed. We have different coping mechanisms when we feel these emotions. Some do shopping, cleaning or anything that makes them feel better. This is also one reason why other people think self-care is about money and luxurious stuff. Yes, it makes us happy, but does it keep us happy? (You might also wanna have a look at this post!)

Self-care is when we take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. When we do all of these, all stress in, our system will go away. It refreshes our minds. That’s why it is vital to have self-check once in a while. Make self-care a part of your daily routine with the help of these apps.


This is the best app if you want to experience a better sleep, lower your stress and less anxiety. They have guided meditations which lasts for 3 to 25 minutes. You can easily t this into your busy schedule as it doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s also much better if you allow noti cations so you won’t forget or occasionally use this app when you want to.


This app is best suitable if you want to take a rest after long hours of working or too much time on social media. This absolutely takes out all your stress in life. It’s a cute, simple and free app. It does not have ads or any interruption. Just think of it like its just you and this app as your companion are the only people in the world.

Shine – Self-care and Meditation

Shine gives daily motivational messages or quotes and a podcast to be more connected with your thoughts. They based their recommended articles, messages, meditations and exercises based on your mood when you check-in daily. Shine is like your friend, it gives unending support.

Serenity: Guided Mental Health

Serenity is a mental health chatbot wherein it provides support for your wellbeing without any. They turn unhealthy coping mechanisms to productive ones to protect our well being from negative thinking. You can freely share your troubles here and also your successes in life.

Self Care and Vent: Helponymous

Just like Serenity, you can also share your troubles here but anonymously. No sign up required at all! You can share your thoughts, engage yourself in a conversation. You can also get or give an advice and most especially you have all the support here.


Any note app on your phone is helpful. Just write down what you’re feeling, anything. Its like a diary. If you want to keep everything to yourself rst and scared to tell it to someone, notes is your friend.

Sayana: Emotional Self-Care

If you want to talk to someone who shares the same situation with you or want to get an advice and support, this app is de nitely for you. This is not just a self-care app, but also a community where you can share your feelings anonymously. They will let you pick what your goal would be whether reduce stress and anxiety or improve self-esteem.

Soulvana: Spiritual Growth

Soulvana is an app dedicated to healing, spiritual, meditation, nding purpose, happiness, anything. This helps you to be more calm, healed, happy, it’s like a new and better version of yourself. It lls your mind positive thoughts making you much brighter and glowing than usual.

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