This is how to make money working from home in 2020! Even in the middle of a pandemic, or want to ditch the tra  c and hassle of commuting, or just simply interested starting your own business, start with these 10 at home businesses that you can do today! Home-based businesses require a lot of work, perseverance, dedication and most especially patience. Also better managing and advertising skills will result in a booming business. And don’t just focus on the product itself because a good packaging adds a big impact on your business.

You can also start and make an account in Fiverr or Upwork. These sites can help you gain clients through your skills

Online Selling

You can sell anything you want from home, pull up a website or on any social media platform and post your stuff there. From trendy clothes, accessories, make-ups to home decor, everything that you can think of. Advertising and endorsing plays an important role here because the more people that share your business the more money you make working. Customer feedback adds impact and trust, especially for your rst-time buyers.

You can post your stuff in selling platforms likes Etsy, Ebay and many more. Tutor

There are many companies who offer online teaching. Most of them require a teaching degree and experience, but don’t worry, if it’s your rst job there are a few who accepts without experience. All you need is a computer, a headset, a resume and you’re all set to teach online.

Affiliate Marketer

In 2020 you just need a website or a blog that gets an audience and link up the websites you recommend for a certain product, that is a very favored working way from home, by many . You’ll earn money once your readers click on the link, buys a product and you will get a commission. There are also companies who pay you for an endorsing their products and services.

Freelance Writer

No wonder, freelance writers are in demand since many companies need a quality content on their web. You’ll experience working in different industries as a freelance writer which is a very popular way of making money working from home in 2020.

Web Developer

Naming a business is as important as having its own website. Some people can easily do this and others hire a web developer. If you’re a tech-expert start planning your business as a web developer.

Graphic Designer

For art lovers here, start a graphic design business. Just make sure you put your best designs in your portfolio for your clients will ask and check if you’re the one they need. There are also websites that you can post and sell your work.

Virtual Assistant

Just like an o      ce-based assistant, virtual assistant is also like them though you can work with multiple companies. Just prepare yourself for various tasks that the boss will give you.


For weddings, birthdays, reunions at any event photographers are needed.

Just make sure to put your best photos on your page since theres can be a competition between photographers. If you got what it takes to be a photographer go and start your own business.

Wood Workshop

This may not need a workshop and you can just have a woodworking place in your own house. Many people prefer a customized furniture. If you have a passion for woodworking, making crafts, you might be thinking of starting your own. You can create a social media to attract customers or post it on websites like Etsy.

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