There are days that we feel down and for some reason our energy level becomes really low. We just want to lay in bed and do nothing. It’s totally ne. It’s an understandable feeling that we all went through. Why do we feel that? It can be because of family, work, relationship, illness, hormonal changes, stress, there are so many reasons. Sometimes we can’t just explain it.

Feeling down doesn’t have an exact meaning. It’s an emotion we feel. We can be in just low mood or a sign of depression. And there’s nothing wrong if we seek advice to a psychiatrist. Having this feeling isn’t an illness.

Here are the things to do to lift yourself up when feeling down.

Watch Your Go-To Movie

Don’t you just want to lay in bed and spend your whole day there? Watching your go-to movie plus comfort food helps you feel a little better.

Think of Happy Thoughts

Yes, life is challenging, but even if it is focused on the brighter side. Don’t let the darkness embrace your mind. Spread more happy thoughts in your mind and it will expand to your whole system making you feel lighter.

Mind You

Whatever people tell about you, ignore it. You may think of it before you sleep, making you sad and disappointed. No, you are not a disappointment. You are you. You’re human. You make mistakes. There’s always people who nd wrong in everything you do. Kill them with your success in life.

Be with Someone Close To You

This can be an option. There are times that you just want to be alone and that’s absolutely ne. Nothing wrong about that. It’s truly understandable if you don’t want to share your feelings. Feel free to talk when you want to. Be with someone who will empathize you. Sometimes a hug is just enough.


When you’ve been silently battling with all your emotions and thoughts it becomes a scary thing. So terrifying it feel like you will explode. When it happens, scream. Just don’t scream out of nowhere. Go to the mountains, to your room and scream on your pillow. Doesn’t it feel like the thorns in your chest are slowly falling you starting to feel brighter and lighter.


Not really sleep your problems away, but sleep because it frees your mind from thinking. But it’s hard to sleep when there’s a lot on your mind, right? Try to practice this before sleeping. Find your best sleep position. Then relax. Release all the tension in your body. Then next is, breathe in, breathe out. You’ll nd yourself falling asleep. Sometimes thinking made your mind feel so tired it need some rest.