The highest salary jobs in the world require a lot of experience, skills and expertise.. Of course, it’s obvious that most of these jobs are from the medical eld. So if you want to make a lot of money and save lives, be a doctor. If you have a different interest or career keep reading because you might see how much your chosen career can make.

Choosing a career is a tough challenge. It’s not just about the money, but it’s the job you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. Your happiness and future lies with its. And just a reminder, don’t put too much pressure on yourself when choosing a career. Just nd what’s best suitable for you.

Here’s a list of the highest salary jobs in the world:

Surgeon’s salary ($523,000)

For the brave people here who’s not afraid of blood, can handle life and death situations plus long hours of staying in the operation room, basically living in the hospital and lastly prepared for every type of emergency situation. This job is for you.

So how long does it take to become a surgeon? Start by taking a 4-year undergraduate degree, then another 4 years of medical school. You also need to complete 4 years of residency program. Also for specialization you have to do a fellowship program for about 1-2 years.

Anesthesiologist’s salary ($416,000)

Anesthesiologist plays a vital role during and after the surgery as they are the ones who provide pain reliefs that are suited for the patient and also monitors the patient’s heart rate and rhythm, breathing, blood pressure, body temperature and uid balance all throughout the operation. Once the operation is done, they need to be sure that that overall care of the patient is all well and they also reverse the effect of anesthesia and keep the comfortable until they recover.

If you want to become an anesthesiologist, just like a surgeon, it takes roughly 12-13 years.

Chief Executive O        cer’s salary ($309,000)

Remember when the host at the career symposium said, “be your own CEO.” This is because you’re hitting for the gold. It’s not hitting the jackpot right away. Long dreadful hours of working and patience is much needed.

Being a CEO is such a vital role, from great leadership skills, decisionmaking, to be charming and making friends in the business industry is just a few responsibilities of a CEO.

This does not require any educational attainment at all. If you’re business minded, or want to start your own restaurant or company just do it. You might be one of the world’s best CEO one day

Orthodontist’s salary ($304,000)

They are doctors for oral health with a specialization in tooth and jaw alignment. The people who treat and advise a patient for oral health conditions. The provide care for cracked teeth,  treat gums, whiten teeth and many more. They also have the same education as orthodontist, though a dentist usually takes pre-dentistry before going on to a graduate school of dentistry.

Psychiatrist’s salary ($293,000)

The people who prescribed, do a diagnostic check, provides an assessment test to know if the symptoms that are showing are a cause of physical and mental illness and of course to treat them. Also. they are medical doctors because some people interchange the roles psychologists and psychiatrists.

If you nd your passion in this career, go and start earning an undergraduate degree and attend a medical school and get an MD. You also have to nish residency, which usually takes up to 4 years of training in mental health. There’s a lot of training that you have to do like treating and diagnosing different psychiatric conditions and psychotherapy.

Airline Pilot, Co-Pilot and Flight Engineer’s salary ($252,000)

Pilots and co-pilots are the people who keep our ights safe as they navigate and control the plane. While ight engineers are the one who provide navigation guide to the pilots.

A bachelor’s degree, physical and assertive training and also a 20/20 vision are needed for you to become a pilot or a ight engineer. Not just vision, but they also check hearing, height, weight and speech.

Physician’s salary ($234,000)

A physician or medical doctor is a professional trained to practice medicine. There are many types of physicians, which can be pediatrics, gynecology, and surgery. Just like the careers mentioned above, it will take long years of hard work before you become a physician. It will depend on how long the training will be. Don’t be discouraged as these medical-related careers will take a long time but always remember hard work pays off.

Corporate Lawyer’s salary ($206,000)

For aspiring lawyers out there, here’s a career path for you. Lawyers have different areas and one of the highest salary job since this is a corporate lawyer. There are the one who you need for legal business advisers such as ownership, liability, contracts and partnering.

If you are interested, rst get a law degree and nd the best suitable legal eld for you as mentioned above, there are a wide range of scope to become a lawyer.

Senior Geologist ($180,000)

They are the ones who manage the research and geological activities like an earthquake, searching the earth’s surface and materials. They also help to prepare an annual and long-term plans are just one of the many roles of a geologist. There’s also a lot of learning here. You have to be an expert in science, mathematics, english and most especially, history.

If you have what it takes to be a geologist, start by taking a bachelor’s degree related to geology for starters and if you want to become a senior geologist take a master’s degree or PhD and years of experience.

Petroleum Engineer’s salary ($176,000)

In the Oil Industry a petroleum engineers have an important role which focuses on developing technology for extracting oil and gas from the Earth’s surface. They also have to travel around the world to search for drilling sites and do research.

If math and science are your favorite subjects this may t for you. As you may be needing it for studying and mastering scienti c software, databases and other tools you will need. A bachelor’s degree majoring in petroleum engineering or if you already have a degree in mechanical, civil or chemical engineering are required.

Senior Data Scientist’s salary ($161,000)

They are the analytical data experts. They focus on programming, statistics, can easily nd solutions based on the gathered data. They have been in demand as they help businesses and corporations to increase revenue.

If you want to take this path, start by getting a bachelor’s degree in physics, computer science or mathematics. Then take a master’s degree in your chosen eld.

University Professor’s salary ($160,000)

Without the help of professors and teachers, we won’t be achieving our dreams. Their work is not just teaching us, but they also attend and conduct seminars, a university representative at external panels and boards.

For entry-level, you will be needing a bachelor’s degree, but for a higher positions a master or even PhD is required.

Engineering Manager’s salary ($149,000)

The duties and responsibilities of an engineering manager are solving engineering issues in a project, making budgets, working with different departments and of course be able to address and solve any engineering problems that may come up while working on a project. They also have to report the progress of it.

After having a bachelor’s degree in engineering, you have to spend 5 years of experience working as an engineer to become an engineering manager. This position could be a stepping stone to be promoted as a technology o         cer or director of engineering.

Pharmacist’s salary ($136,000)

From prescribing the medicine to advising the patients on their medication are just a few roles of a pharmacist. Before you become a pharmacist there’s a lot of names of medicines you have to be familiar plus a doctoral degree and nally you’ll get a license.

Computer Hardware Engineer’s salary ($132,000)

For the tech-savvy people, you can be interested in this career. There roles is not just troubleshooting, they also focus on creating, testing, installing computer systems. Also developing circuits.

If you become one, take a bachelor’s degree in electrical or computer engineering for entry-level. If you take it to another level and join bigger companies a master’s degree might be required and years of experience.

IT System Manager’s salary ($130,000)

Another career path for the tech-expert people. The job’s main role is to safeguard the company networks against malware, hackers, provides backup and data recovery, regular upgrades and such.

If this is the career path you want to take start by taking a bachelor’s and master’s degree afterwards.

Aerospace Engineer’s salary ($129,000)

If you love or passionate in designing aircraft, spacecraft or satellites then this for you. Creating and testing prototypes to see if it is t for the project is one of the many roles of an aerospace engineer.

Imagine building a spacecraft and being so successful. If this is your dream job take an aerospace engineering course now.

Sales Manger’s salary ($119,000)

Sales Managers are responsible for fully knowing the product or service that he is selling. If this job appeals to you, tale a bachelor’s degree in the eld of marketing. Of course, you won’t be sales manager right away. At least 5 years of selling experience, then you can be a sales manager.

Financial Manager’s salary ($117,000)

They are the people who help private and public organizations to develop and manage nancial goals. Financial managers are also called treasurers, risk managers or credit managers.

If you nd this interesting and good at handling money, you can start by earning a degree in nancial management. You can work at a public or private company and eventually can start your own.

Architectural Designer’s salary ($103,000)

If you are highly interested and love drawing and designing houses or building you might include this in your career path. Of course, it’s not just designing but also it includes, planning, propose budgets and coordination with the client. You also have to be pro cient in using Computer Aided Design or CAD.

To become an Architectural Designer, earn a bachelor’s degree and followed by a master’s degree. Finally get your license and nd a client.

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