Most people chose a home-based business or job rather than going into an office everyday and deal with trafic. Working from home is not just sipping your favorite drink while talking to a client, wearing cozy clothes. Yes, that’s part of it, but there’s more to that. Here are the benefits of working from home:

Flexible Hours of Working

You’re the one who creates your own working schedule. It does not matter what time you start or how late you sleep, what’s really important is you met your goal at the end of the day. Also, you spend more time in your work instead of being stuck in tra        c or missing the bus.

Less Stress

Sometimes working in an office is stressful plus the toxic surrounding and o       ce gossips make it hard to work. Those can be avoided when you work remotely. Of course, you have your own team like in a traditional o     ce setting, but you are much focus on your own work rather than someone else’s when you have your own home-based business. Like there’s no time to gossip when its break time.

More Focused

Home and o       ce settings have many distractions. It needs so much effort, willpower and a steady routine stay focused. Television or a pile of dirt tends to divert our focus from working. Just like in the o       ce, a chit chat with your o       ce mates can eat up to 30 minutes or more. Though, when you work remotely, you can put your phone in do not disturb mode, but be sure to allow calls to certain people so you won’t miss a meeting. Also, it makes you nish your work faster and can easily start with the other projects.

You Become More Independent

You can’t just call technical team or your o ce mate when there’s a problem. Well, you can chat or video call, but it will take much time and knowing they are also working remotely, there’s a high possibility that they’re too immersed in working and missed your call.

When you work from home you can discover skills you thought you don’t have. You start to look for answers and solutions on your own. Make Google and YouTube your friend. Though, this doesn’t mean that you can’t ask your co-workers. You can freely ask them and take note of their advice or help in case the same problem pops up again.

Save Money

Once you start working from home, you’ll see the difference on how much you can save. It’s not just gas that you’ll save but also, food, the commute, extra expenses, work clothes and shoes, even the coffee or any drink that you buy before going to work. There’s really a lot.

More Family Time

There’s a time that work keeps you so busy that you forget about the important event at school or the time when you promised your child to watch a game but it did not happen. A home-based business can avoid these and gives more quality time for your family. After work or between breaks go and spend time with them.

You Can Set-Up Your Office Anywhere

Unlike in a traditional office setting, you can choose where you want to have your own desk at home. You can set-up your computer in your room or any place that you’re comfortable to work or bring your laptop in every corner of your house. But doesn’t mean that you don’t have to clean your desk just because it’s only you and no nosy employees.

Effective Meetings

You can actually have effective and quick meetings at home. You don’t have to think of the worst scenarios for your presentation like being late or forgetting to print out important documents. Meetings at home are much convenient and can be much shorter than in a traditional o  ce. There’s no interruption when you’re presenting because they can just comment it, easy sharing of documents, you can choose your own breakfast or snack, meetings can be 15-20 minutes instead of 45 minutes. Well, who wouldn’t want short and effective meetings? That’s one the bene ts of working from home!

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