With Christmas just around the corner, many people are busy decorating their home. Have you already set up your Christmas tree? If not, don’t worry, it’s not late yet and Christmas tree rental shops are everywhere. You don’t have to fall in line you can have your Christmas tree decorated and delivered at your doorstep. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is!

To be clear, there is no judgment or anything here if you want to buy and decorate it yourself. Do it! Do what makes you happy.

Renting an arti cial Christmas tree is not only for personal use. It’s also available for commercial use or a party. Ever wonder who decorated the extra huge Christmas tree and fancy decorations, in the middle of a mall or a hotel? It’s either they rent it or they have their own staff for those.

Think of the big Christmas trees your favorite celebrities have. You sometimes get inspiration and theme from them, but not sure where to buy or get them, right? Most of them are from rental shops. Its one click away, and your arti cial Christmas tree is on its way.

How does it work?

This is like borrowing a book in the library or renting a movie online, but make it an arti cial Christmas tree. It’s super easy. You have to select your tree size and style. You have the option to choose from their Tree Gallery or make your own theme. It’s just like decorating it on your own, though online.

Plus, its not only a Christmas tree, every decoration your needed, they have it.

Once the season ended, they will take out all of it and carefully store your tree and decorations for the next year.

So, where can you rent arti cial Christmas trees?

Alphaplantes christmas decoration

From commercial to residential, they will happily decorate your Christmas tree. They have their own theme or if you want a custom made, go and set up an appointment with their designers now!

For prices of decorated, lit, Christmas trees it ranges from $605 to $1303 depending on the size. While garlands and wreath have different prices also depending on the size, unlit or lit. Arti cial Christmas Tree Rental christmas trees

Rent a fully decorated Christmas tree with them before November 1st and you’ll get a free wreath. Also, they don’t take extra charges for lights, ornaments, garlands, tree toppers and skirts.

You can get a free estimate when you visit their website.

Inleaf tree rental

Just like the two mentioned above, Inleaf is here to help you decorate your Christmas tree. Your own choice of color, don’t worry because all of their electrics are new and tested. No-hassle service and decorative presents under your tree.

You can check an estimated amount of your Christmas tree rental here.

tree rental

Funky Yukka / Funky Festive christmas tree rentals

If you’re planning to have big events and parties they provide everything. From small to giant trees for centerpieces for award evenings and gala dinners. Make your celebrations a little festive with them.

Also, if you like a different tree rather than the traditional, they have a LED Cherry Blossom tree. It is 3m tall with a 3m canopy. You might want to check their amazing moss sculptures for your Christmas festivities. Simply Plants tree hire

Rent your trees and decorations here, bringing festive cheer to your o ce. Their team will take care of everything just pick out a tree size, color scheme. They will decorate and install them at your workplace.

Summing it up

Renting an arti cial Christmas tree is a little unusual. Though it is helpful during the holiday season. It’s hassle-free. Especially if you’re busy and don’t have enough time to decorate, rental shops are there to assist you. With the wide variety of products it lessens your time thinking of what theme you should pick this year. You could easily contact them for Christmas parties and celebrations.

Book your orders now and have a happy Christmas!