Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Is one of the most common question we get when we are applying for a job. It sounds easy to answer like a basic thing all human beings know. But have you really laid out a plan about it? Learn here and build your future!

Choose a Career

It’s a little confusing on what career path you should take. Are you going to choose the most practical one or the one you’ve been dreaming to be? Ask yourself this, which will keep me more happy, content, and satis ed? Don’t make your future self feel regret. Choose who you want to be and not what other people tell you to be.

I’m Doing This For My Future Self

Always remember the big or small things you do will have a great effect on your future. Think twice or better do it thrice before you engage yourself regardless of it. If you ever get discouraged just look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I got you future self.”

Don’t Quit

Along the way things might go south, just breathe when it happens. Failure is a part of growing up. Everyone went through it. What do you do after you stumble? You stand up. That’s also the same when you messed up. The road doesn’t end there. It goes and goes.

Be Proud

Celebrate the things you have achieved so far. Even the small things they are also worth it. Be proud and keep soaring up high. But always be humble. Don’t ever let the air, pollute your mind

Aim Straight

Know what your goal is, then focus. It’s hard not to get distracted, isn’t it? It’s absolutely ne to have a little fun from time to time. That way you get rid of stress. After that, focus again on your goal.

We are the ones who create our future. No one else will do it better than us. We might see signs like ‘rocky road ahead’ and we better prepare ourselves for it. The future seems scary but its not. Its just how we perceive it and as we’re bound to future it becomes less terrifying as we are achieving our dreams.