Sometimes we need a guide to keep the relationship stronger.The longer the relationship, the more we get to know our partner. You can’t say that you already knew everything about your partner on the rst meeting, right?  It’s like reading a book, the more we ip the pages the more we know the characters.

When does the relationship become unhealthy? Is it when one crosses the line? Does the length of the relationship matters? There can be many causes why relationships become unhealthy that sometimes it leads to break-up.

Here are guides to keep the relationship healthy.


This is one key to keep the relationship healthy and strong. Some people don’t trust a person easily and once they fully trust you, try not to ruin it. It took a while for your partner to trust you. Don’t do something that will break it. Once trust is ruin you can never repair it again.


One’s loyalty can be tested in so many ways. This can be a cause of a con ict or bigger than that. Being loyal doesn’t mean you have to do whatever your partner says. It’s not that. Be loyal on your actions and let your partner see it. As Tommy Lasorda said, “you give loyalty. You’ll get it back.”


If there is something bothering you or something you wanted to say, do it. Your partner will not guess what you want. Be honest and certain on your needs and wants. Just by daily talks about how each of your day went is enough. Also you’ll understand each other more. The more you understandeach other, is the more you trust your partner. Remember its okay to be open, to be vulnerable.


Relationships are not just talking and talking. You also have to listen. It’s not always about you, or your partner. It’s always about the both of you. Empathize with your partner’s feeling. Actually, a tight hug can make her or his day. Just by being with you is enough.


Respect each other’s decisions, opinions and beliefs. You both have different views in life and not because one disagree, you’ll drop your partner. It doesn’t work like that. Both of you can share your personal views and can learn from it.

Also, when your partner wants to hang with her or his friends, play all day, let him be. Your partner’s attention doesn’t have to be with you always. Both of you should have your own time.

Argue and Solve

Arguments are part of a relationship. There’s always things that you both don’t agree with or it might be a larger problem than that. It’s all ne as long you have healthy solutions about it and both you agree. And just one thing when you say sorry to your partner add the things that you are sorry for and include the things that you’ll change. It’s also vital to show it on your actions, not just words.


When your partner shows a new dress or sel e, give compliments. The only reason that she shows it to you is for you compliment her. If you think that it doesn’t matter, it is. Ever wonder when your partner suddenly gets upset or something. Think of what you did.

Relationships doesn’t have to be perfect to call it healthy and strong. Fights and misunderstanding are part of it and strengthen the relationship.

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