There are about 100+ languages in the whole world and various ways to learn whether you want to learn for your next travels or want to watch dramas and anime without subtitles. Learning can be fun and addictive. It trains our minds and we learn much faster and easily. We became wiser. Like learning a new language daily. There’s a daily vocabulary added. Here are 8 tips to learn a new language today!

Use Apps

One easy way of learning is through apps. Just alot 10 to 15 minutes of your time to practice. Most of these apps are game-like lessons, making it fun and creative for learning. If you have a prior knowledge of your chosen language you can take advance lessons. Each lesson is also composed of translation, speaking, matching and listening exercises. These are several apps you can download, Duolingo, memories, and Babbel. All of these are available in Google Playstore and App Store, and easy to navigate too.

Write it Down

In your notebook or note app list down the words you remember. From those words, try to form a sentence or phrase. Avoid memorizing the words instead think of its meaning and how was the word used in a sentence.

Through this you can form many sentences without having much di            culty.

Practice Speaking

Saying words multiple times helps us remember the words  more clearly and accurately. Most of the languages have different pronunciations. Be familiar with the way it sounds. At rst it’s a bit di     cult, especially when it’s the rst hearing it, but as much as we listen we’ll get the hang of it.

Watch Movies

You can learn slang words by watching movies or series. You can try watching it with subtitles rst, then watch it without and translate. Say the words too like you’re talking with them. You can practice both translating and speaking skills here.

Make Flashcards

You can create your own or download the Quizlet app. When you’re practicing separate the words you know from the words you forget. Familiarize yourself with the words you don’t know. These words that you forget meaning will be different from time to time. And it’s totally ne to make mistakes when you’re guessing the words. Just keep practicing.

Sing a Song

Singing is fun! This is similar to learning ABC and numbers. The more you sing the more you speak the words clearly.

Make it a Habit

When you make learning a habit its on your system. Doing it regularly keeps your mind sharp and you learn more things. You’ll be suprised with the result once you have taken next step.

Test Your Skill

To know that your hard work isn’t going to waste, test your skill. Talk with native speakers, translate texts from magazines or articles, change your phone settings, answer quizzes and exams. Note, you don’t have to feel pressure on having a perfect score in taking exams. Just do your best!